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While Moonlight Kitchens is set up to accommodate commercial users, it’s also easy to use for non-professionals. The cooking equipment is “hurkier” than residential stuff which means food gets hotter or colder faster. It also means cooking and cleaning is quicker. It takes a little getting used to but you’ll find the large stainless counters, deep sinks, good lighting, high-temp dishwasher, and big refrigerators are a joy to use. We assume you know how to cook and can’t really help you there but we’re happy to answer specific questions about equipment & cleaning.


  • We’ve had people prep their entire wedding banquet in one day here.
  • An 11 year old celebrated her birthday with a cook-off, using the entire facility, with chef hats & prizes.
  • Several non-profits have used Moonlight Kitchens for small team-building events
  • For folks who’ve down-sized, we have an adjacent dining area that can accommodate up to 14 people.
  • Christmas cookies, Easter candy, harvest canning, family party food prep, & recipe testing



If you are using the kitchens for personal use you are not allowed to sell any of what you make – even at a bake sale or farmers market – unless you’ve met the Missoula County Health Department regulations. The contract we use for personal use is different than the one for commercial use. The deposit amounts and insurance requirements for personal use are lower. We’ll need to know the names and contact info for each person using the kitchen with you for safety reasons.  We have a Renters Handbook either hard copy or online, that has info on all aspects of using the kitchens. You should read that before scheduling your work time.

Special Stuff

We have 2 large tubs with cooking/baking/canning equipment in them. If you plan to book more than 3 hours of work time, these tubs are free to use. You are welcome to bring in any food or equipment you need to make your product but please check with us first about really large things. Sorry, we cannot allow deep fat frying (e.g. donuts) due to insurance constraints.


We have a supply of pots, pans, trays, countertop equipment, tools, utensils, and measuring devices that are for general use.  We ask that it gets put back in the same place and as clean as you found it. Our rule is that “If you don’t clean then you don’t cook”. You will not get your deposit(s) back until the equipment and work areas are as clean as you found them. We DO NOT provide sponges, towels, dishcloths, etc. for cleaning your dishes – please plan to bring your own.

Most of the information about using the kitchens is online, so cruise on through the sections and feel free to call or visit to check us out. Office hours are 10-4 M-F.



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