Here is what you need to get started cooking at Moonlight Kitchens

  1. Decide what you want to make (include everything) and how you want to make, sell and/or package it. Do some homework (price, supplies, etc) and then check with the Missoula City-County Health Dept. Get whatever type of certificate you need from them to allow you to make and sell your food*. They have certificate classes that fill up months ahead and cost money. Plan for this. Check the Health Department’s schedule
    * The Health Department has our building plans on file, so that should simplify the process.
  2. 1951 KensingtonCome visit the kitchens to see what we have.
  3. Go online and fill out the application for Moonlight Kitchens. We will get back to you within 48 hours with questions (if any) about your processes and needs.
  4. If the application looks good and the Health Department requires one, we will issue you a “Letter of Intent” which means that, according to info you’ve provided us, we could rent to you. This is not a contract.
  5. You’ll need to read our Renters Handbook that includes info on everything from cleaning to reserving (and cancelling) time, to safety and working with other cooks. You will have to sign that you’ve read and understand this and that you’ll be sure your helpers (staff*) follow those directions before you can use the kitchens.
    * If you have staff (not contract labor) we’ll need to see your workers’ comp information.
  6. Check out the Moonlight Kitchens contract, the information and the insurance requirements needed there. Get insurance and get us the certificates of endorsement before you start cooking.
  7. If the Health Department needs to inspect your cooking facility, get that set up and check with us to make sure the space you want to use is available. We will not charge you for the time it takes to inspect. We will want a copy of your Health Certificate.
  8. timerFigure out the amount of time you think you’ll need in the kitchen and double it! Almost every new cook way underestimates his/her time for the first run. Practice at home (if you’re not a professional chef). Time yourself. Pretend someone came in and rearranged everything in your kitchen and hid some things. How does that dance work out?
  9. Set up a time to get the paperwork done with MK – contract, deposit(s), insurance, & credit card info. Figure out any storage needs you have and set that up.
  10. Check our online calendar, figure out when there’s time available for you to cook and call to have us put you in. If you need a regular time every week/month, get that scheduled as well.
  11. Show up and cook. Clean up, load out, and go make money!



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