This espresso machine made the best coffee in Missoula!

It is in excellent condition–almost like new, but shows a little scuffing on the top plates where the cups are stored and the grille where the coffee is made. It has been maintained professionally since new (2014). Always used with filtered softened water.

It has the bottomless portafilters and LED “barista lights.”

$9,950  Call Pat for more information 406.493.7115 or email moc.snehctikthgilnoomnull@tap

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If you’re not familiar with the GB/5 here are some of its advanced features:

  • It has double boilers with PID for accurate temperature control.
  • The AV (auto volumetric) guarantees the same quantity of water each pour, and each button is programmable for its own specific volume.
  • The group heads are “saturated” (i.e., immersed in the boiler water) for excellent temperature stability.
  • high capacity for a busy coffee shop
  • fast, consistent steam
  • separate tea water dispenser gets its water from the steam boiler not the coffee boiler
  • 240V/single phase power
  • normal water pressure is raised to working pressure by remote pump (included)
  • timer that turns machine on and off at specified times of day, including a “day off” feature
  • highly polished chrome exterior is super shiny and easy to keep clean
  • built in Italy
  • it has lions!